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‘Sculpt Across America’ nationwide tour includes Grand Junction


“A SERIOUS CONNECTION"By Karen Cope. Made of pigmented plaster



“MODERN MEDUSA"By Karen Cope. Made of terracotta


By Staff
Friday, March 5, 2010


Karen Cope is embarking on a cross-country trip for more than just leisure.

This month, Cope will stop in more than 20 U.S. communities, including Grand Junction, in a one-woman mission to share her love and knowledge of sculpting with others.

During her “Sculpt Across America” trip, Cope, 32, will teach sculpting workshops and demonstrate figurative sculpting and drawing techniques she learned while studying at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, for three years. She also plans to speak about the role art and sculpture play in American lives.

Cope will teach two, six-hour workshops from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 10 and 11 at The Art Center, 1803 N. Seventh St.

Colorado is one of the first states where the Los Angeles artist plans a stop. She has new brakes on her gray Ford Explorer, and will be hauling sculpting materials on a trailer. She is eager to see how Colorado weather cooperates with her trip.

“No snow, hopefully,” Cope said.

Cope specifically selected Grand Junction, Boulder and Loveland as her Colorado stops so she can learn more about the state’s diversity.

“I want to be in the interesting pockets of the United States,” she said. “I want to awaken the hidden artist in everyone.”

Cope plans to post interviews, photographs and personal anecdotes of her cross-country sculpting trip on her blog at http://karen-cope.travellerspoint.com (http://karen-cope.travellerspoint.com).

On her way home to California, Cope will return to The Art Center on June 28 through July 2 for additional workshops.

Call 243-7337 for more information about the sculpting workshops in Grand Junction


To see the article go to http://www.gjsentinel.com/entertainment/articles/sculpt_across_america_nationwi





To contact Karen email figurativesculptor@hotmail.com or call 818.913.7187

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Grand Junction CO Portrait Sculpting Workshop

March 10th & 11th 2010


What a great Group for the March 10th & 11th 2010 2 Day Intensive Portrait Sculpting Workshop! We packed the place with 12 awesome sculptors who ranged from some expericence with clay to never have touched the stuff! Check out their work and see all the awesome results.

Here's Mike Sculpting our rock solid model! She did an Awesome Job~

Daphina Sculpting~


David Sculpting



Check out the awesome space we worked in! It was a large circular room with tons of light and space! This room is one of many galleries that displays on going shows and exhibitions. A thriving Art Center.




Lorane and her work~


Mike and his piece





Nina sculpted the model and then let her creativity take over as she gave it her own spin(hint: she loves star trek)~

Rob and his piece
Mike and his piece


The week ended with a fun Sushi dinner with Lorane and her daughter Amy. I got to drive up Main street and what a surpise! I found tons, and I mean tons of Bronze sculpture every few feet! This town has sooo much going on its just awesome! I have to go back with more time to look closer and it got dark fast so I dont have pictures to share with you now. Next time.

What a great couple of days Grand Junction Thank YOU!


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Cedar City UT to Grand Junction CO

Snow Snow Snow!

Day 2, March 9th
Today, I woke to a winter wonderland of snow. Its 6am, and I stumble out the Motel 6 doors thankfully with my key in hand, to retrieve my shampoo from The Explorer and my first flip flop step crunches in 3 inches of Snow. It was so beautiful and quiet, I was first filled with joy and then dread as I thought of the long drive ahead of me.
Across the street of my motel

The view from my room window~

This Gas station was straight out of The Dukes of Hazard. Too bad Bo and Luke duke didnt pump my gas! They looked at me as if I was crazy when I went in to prepay before I pumped! Then I used the Restroom...I found this sign below. Ha!


To lock the door pull the Drawer!

Ha! You gotta love this


Needless to say the snow continued all morning and into the early afternoon. I packed up quickly and hit the road by 8:30am to be greeted with a snow covered highway. Yes its white knuckle time! We drove 25-40 mph for over 4 hours up the I-15. The Big rigs zipped past many of us as we took it slow. All we could see was the dark lines the tires made in the snow from the car in front of us and I could only see 3 cars ahead of me till the snow/blizzard white’d everything else out! This was a crazy first lesson in driving in the snow and towing a trailer ta boot!

So I followed this big rig for quite a while till he was going too fast for me! It really helped to stay in his tire tracks

here is a big rig screaming past me as I hold my breath that he doesnt hit ice and crash into me! This was quite an introduction to driving in snow~


I survived and as I finally got to the 70 east, The snow let up and it began to rain. Phew! That stretch was much easier with almost no cars. Later I find out that a huge Bolder the size of a bus fell on the hwy causing major havoc ahead of me, was closed down and will take 3 months to repair the road which now has a huge crater in it! I took this as a clear sign not to go that route on Friday to bolder and instead will head north on a 200mile detour.


So Arriving at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts around 5pm I was graciously greeted by Camille Silverman, Curator of the center who gave me a tour of their wonderful facility. We unloaded the sculpting stands and I took a much needed nap before we headed out to the Coffee House Meet and Greet at Traders. I had a great time as we talked about sculpture, armatures, materials and sculpting method etc. It looks like a great group of sculptors, full of enthusiasm and ready to Sculpt!


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Taking off for Sculpt Across America!


"Sculpt Across America" Began Today!!! I left Los Angeles around 9am packed and ready to go in my 2002 Ford Explorer and towing my cool little Utility Trailer. Check it out!

Here's my Sister, Nephew, Mom and Aunt seeing me off this morning!

The drive was great...it started off a bit rainy but cleared up after 20 minutes or so and there was very little traffic even going thru Las Vegas.


I stopped at the Mad Greek for Lunch and the place had tons of classical plaster cast sculptures surrounding the place~ Very appropriate. I had a huge Gyro ~ Yum!



I arrived in Cedar City, UT around 5pm, taking about 8 hours total and thats going 55mph. I even picked up some snow cable chains today to be ready for Colorado~


Here's my ride parked next to this Huge Semi!

Utah & Arizona was an awesome drive with big skys and lots of Red Rock!


And take a look at this pump! What is Regular 85???

These Snow capped mountains were spectacular! This place is definitely colder than LA!

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Alec Tiranti Hardwood Modeling Tools

Alec Tiranti Professional Hardwood Modeling Tools
is a proud Sponsor of "Sculpt Across America"

Alec Tiranti Ltd - Leading UK manufacturer and supplier of Sculptors' Tools, Materials and Studio Equipment, for Carving, Modelling, Mouldmaking, Casting & Restoration. Dedicated to supplying sculptors worldwide since 1895.

Tiranti supply a wide range of materials, equipment and tools to sculptors, modelmakers, mouldmakers, designers, prototypers, woodcarvers, stonecarvers, specialist plasterers, building picture and furniture restorers, potters and ceramicists.



Several series of professional hardwood tools for the discerning sculptor and modelmaker. Made from close-grained hardwood or boxwood as available. The letter denotes the style of the tool, the number gives an indication of the length in inches. Shapes shown are a guide only. Karen Cope will be using these tools exclusively on "Sculpt Across America" Tour.

Alec Tiranti Ltd:
Mail Order & Showroom:
3 Pipers Court, Berkshire Drive,
Thatcham, Berkshire,
RG19 4ER, UK.
Tel: 0845 123 2100
Fax: 0845 123 2101
Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 1:00pm
e-mail: enquiries@tiranti.co.uk

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