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Leesburg FL to Panama City Beach FL

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Leesburg FL to Panama City Beach FL


Well it was a long drive from Leesburg to Panama City Beach but it is always an adventure and full of fun scenery.Texas_Loui..ppi_561.jpg
As I arrived in PCB I stopped in this great Italian place that just hit the spot! And below is a picture of their ocean view from the front and patio dinning area. Just Gorgeous~

As you drive into Alys Beach it has quite an entrance of white white buildings, entry collums and tons of palm trees.
There's lots of water everywhere you go and beautiful picture opts!

The Main square had lots of activity and fun vintage "Tin Can" Trailers lined up selling food & drinks. A great atmosphere just steps from the water.

This was Alys Beach area where the Workshops were held, quite a resort like atmosphere.

Texas_Loui..ppi_601.jpg A familiar City!Texas_Loui..ppi_602.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_606.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_610.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_611.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_612.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_618.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_622.jpg

The Beach town full of narrow tall getaway homes and the lovely ocean. The water was warm, and the sand was pristine! I could hardly believe it. Clean and silty fine sand, So different from Santa Monica and Long Beach Ca. There was no seaweed washed ashore or anything! So I enjoyed an afternoon on the beach as a reward for canvassing the town putting up flyers for the workshops. Yes there was a bit of frustertion involved but lets not go into that!

Here's the place all set up and ready for some workshops! Tuesday night I gave a free technical lecture on how to approch portrait sculpting and the figure. Lots of great questions and interest on how sculpting will enhance their painting skills.Texas_Loui..ppi_641.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_646.jpg

So the first workshop on Wednesday night was a great success! We had 13 Sculptors diving into the clay for a Quick Sculpt Figure Workshop. Those Sculptors really went at it and they really did remarkably well. We all worked right around 1/4 life-size and they quickly picked up on the Box(pelvis) and Egg(ribcage) I was telling them about. Once that was established then the rest just flowed~ What a fun group who loved sculpting!


The Results...
The Noble Scuptors!

I got to see a Whalen Wall too at this massive building that sold boats!

I checked out the local community college's art center and they are located right a this beautiful bay~
Near this awesome Tree~
Where this crab came rigth up to my flip flop
Tons of wildlife around and watched this bird go fishing for his lunch~

There was lots to see at every turn...

Especially this Museum of Man of the Sea

And was saved by Santa Rosa Pottery's Deborah Orr who sold me some much needed clay when more students signed up last minute. What a lovely property and studio where she works and teaches. Thank YOU Again Deb!

So The 2 Day Figure Workshop was that Saturday and Sunday. It was a solid group of absolute beginners. So the Good news was they had no bad habits! WooHoo! They were great listeners and bold sculptors. All did very well and I lectured before they started to give them an overall idea of the process and the vocabulary I'd be using. It was a beautiful reclining pose that required no armature. Great for beginners!
Didon tackled the portrait that day. Here's she's startin with the profile.Texas_Loui..ppi_770.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_774.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_775.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_778.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_780.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_781.jpg

Day two went well, check out the level of focus and intensity as they worked.Texas_Loui..ppi_790.jpg9Texas_Loui..ppi_787.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_785.jpg5Texas_Loui..ppi_765.jpg5Texas_Loui..ppi_753.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_791.jpg

I had just packed up all my stands, clay, tools and armatures and loaded it all in the trailer on my last day in FL I was exhaused. I rolled into my hotel parking lot and amazingly enough thats when my trailer decides to brake off from the tounge! Thank goodness it wasnt minutes earlier when I was zipping down the highway. Yes I went over a speed bump and hear a huge CRACK! YIKES that didnt sound good. I go out and inspect and there's the entire trailer tilted and hanging on by a thread. Litteraly. So the next day I found a welder only 7 businesses down from where I broke down. I crept down the street praying that it would stay attached for those painstaking minutes, and it did. I was so thank ful for these guys and it only took them 2 hours to fix, reattach and reinforce the tounge and structure bar. PHEW! That could have been the end of the trip but once again, I was saved by angels~ Two burly angels
This shows it pretty well how the center of where those bars meet is hanging down and twisted and broken off.Texas_Loui..ppi_796.jpgTexas_Loui..ppi_795.jpg
What an Adventure!
Thank you Panama City Beach... now I'm off to Savannah GA!

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