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Texas to Louisiana

Texas to Louisiana
The Drive was Gorgeous, Trees Trees and more Trees!

Texas was such a joy and a successful Sculpting stop. I’ve seen lots, made some great connections met tons of great sculptors and am excited to reunite with them in the future. Now, I’m headed to Louisiana and New Orleans to check out the French quarter. I have a week to burn before my next workshop and my Mom flew out to join me on a fun detour.


So Sunday began with a great start in Dallas TX. We headed over to the Nasher Sculpture Center where I was so excited to see they had several Giacometti Sculptures as well as some of his drawings. This was the first time I’d seen any of his drawings in person.


Giacometti was the first artist I truly felt a connection with his work. Initially in college I was overwhelmed by his “architectural” drawings of his portraits. I absolutely loved them and then discovered his sculpture. To this day I very much enjoy and relate to his sculpture but just love his portrait drawings.


The Nasher had a great collection with everything from Rodin’s Age of Bronze in plaster to a cubist portrait sculpture by Picasso to a Miro, a Segal and Henry Moore. The sculpture garden really impressed me and I just loved the water piece’s they incorporated. The over all atmosphere was stimulating and encompassing. I loved it.

Rodin's Age of Bronze in Plaster
Picasso's Cubist portrait

The Garden was awesome. It had a wonderful atmosphere, calm and expansive. The work was positioned well and I enjoyed the water pieces and landscape especially. What a great find!

This was an interactive figure sculpture of a crouching man we could actually stand inside. The exterior form was made up of numbers.

So after the Nasher we hit the road and headed toward Jefferson TX (a quick stopover). I-20 took us thru Texas, a nice lazy drive for several hours. We wanted to stretch our legs and pulled over at the East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore TX. It was only 20 minutes till close but we ran around and saw the place no problem. It was interesting and creepy at the same time. In the first part it was cool with lots of antique objects and cars etc but once you went into the recreated town are...there were all these scenes created with life-size stuffed dummy's seated or smoking etc. and the lighting was dim and it just made me laugh. Mom got cornered by the elderly volunteer docent who gave her a great run down of all the events of the oil boom etc.., there was some major flood or something all the car's were stuck in the mud~

Here's the creepy town area.

We ended up in Jefferson TX that evening enjoying the historic town where the buildings are the originally built ones back in the day and the streets are lined with antique shops.

We stopped for a meal at the Hamburger Store and we were "fixin" for some of their pie! Claimed to be the best Homemade Pies in East Texas~ obviously it was because they were sold out! The inside was quaint and fun with dollar bills covering almost every square inch of the walls~
Check out this old school wagon next to my cool rig in the town square3Louisiana_..fferson.jpg!

The next day after a bit of Antique shopping, we went to Caddo Lake, a small but very worth while detour. Check out these pictures! It was a warm day with a great breeze and just so comfortable.

Watch out! this sign is no joke~ all kinds of critters can be found looking for a quick appietizer especially the gators!


We’d been told they have used this lake in all kinds of movies etc because its so scenic with a mysterious feel. Wow what a great location. The ground was so soft and mulch like due to all the rain we’d been having. There were some locals out fishing and had caught some catfish right in front of us. Nature was all a buzz around us as we were looking out for any crazy creatures out for a mid morning snack. We didn’t see any gators or anything but this swamp like area made us keep our eyes open for sure!

Yes I went picture Crazy but its hard to describe how beautiful and serene this place was~



I loved these roots sitcking up from the ground and the shadow shapes were amazing~

After Caddo Lake we hit the road for another couple hours toward Shreveport LA. It was just a beautiful sunny day with big white fluffy clouds and a gorgeous drive on some small country highway roads full of green trees, fun old barns and quaint little towns spread far apart in the middle of nowhere! So of course that means its time for a Tire to Blow Out!


Yes and of course it happens when my Mama is with me! Thank goodness it wasn’t as traumatic as some may be imagining. I was able to quickly pull over and there was just enough room along the side of the road to change it… it was the back left trailer tire.


I had the jack and the spare tire out and was just about to change it when this huge new Ford F350 truck pulled up along side us. This nice man leans out and to say “young lady (long pause) you gotta spare tire?” I said yes and he pulled over and changed the tire in 6 minutes flat! It was great to have a helping hand and he wouldn’t even accept a small offering of $$ for his time. Now that’s southern hospitality. So my first Tire Blowout only took 12 minutes total off our schedule! That was some awesome luck!

I was a bit disappointed because I was all ready to show my Mama my tire changing skills that I had practiced back home just for this reason but I’m sure there will be other opportunities. What a nice man to stop and help!


We stopped in Shreveport LA and bought 2 more spare tires grabbed some lunch and headed to Baton Rouge LA for a good nights rest and what turned out to be the worst mexican dinner we had ever had, and then on to New Orleans and the French Quarter!

This place is so unique and beautiful we just drove the French Quarter checking things out and trying to find a place to park~ thank goodness I ditched the trailer at the hotel or else we'd be in trouble.

We found the market cafe right away and loved the live music as we crused the streets looking for a good lunch.

This chef was hilarious drawing people in by describing the house meals and was just a naturally funny guy~

The Muddy Mississippi with huge barges~

There was just too many great places to eat at, it was hard to choose but we ended up at Stanleys and I had my first Oysters over eggs bennedict. Not too bad if I say so myself~ Yum!

This was the view from Stanleys looking out onto the Square. Look at those clouds~ awesome and fluffy but it was hot and humid~

We drove passed the superdome

and checked out the town a bit.


Then it was time for some night life and Music!New_Orlean..Quarter.jpg2New_Orlean..Quarter.jpg8New_Orlean..Quarter.jpg
Gotta love the Beads~

I wrestled an alligator...and of course won~ we went out for pints later.

Bourbon street was all a buzz with a good amount of people and live music. I cant imagine what it must be like during mardi gras!

This group just played and played as the crowd grew and grew. The energy was electric~

this is a bumper sticker is on the top of a bicycle seat. Appropriate huh~

This was a great life-size Bronze piece at the top end of Bourbon st paying tribute to a homeless man I believe but I couldnt find out more info anywhere on the internet. Still it was a nice piece.

So the next day I was determined to see an old School Cemetery so while getting turned around and lost quite a bit on some beautiful treelined streets we stumbled upon it.


These Old Cemeteries are just so amazing and expansive. We only saw a quarter of the entire place that extened to across the street and onward. Its quite an indiscribable feeling you get as you walk thru the place reading all the names and blurbs about these complete strangers lives. Its quite an experience.

Another cool experience was driving across the Causeway north bound as we were headed out of town. It took at least 25 minutes to cross with trailer in tow I took it slow and steady. Its quite a feat to see no land across this realitively skinny bridge completely surrounded by water!
Yes we could not see land for miles and miles and miles. It got windy too and pushed the trailer a bit. My Mom was tense and once we saw land on the far side she finally admitted that she was very worried that we'd get a blow out or car trouble and be stuck in the middle of this two lane Hwy with NO Emergency lane! It crossed my mind as well but thankfully we got across unscathed. Phew! What an amazingly huge feat to accomplish the creation of this massive bridge.

New Orleans was an awesome place to visit and explore and I cant wait to return to see more in the future!

Posted by Karen Cope 17:51

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Awesome Blog!!! Pictures are wonderful and so inviting I want to go to all the places. Hear you're in DC and seeing lots. I've been to Boise and saw the blue football field!?! Home now and all is well.Keep having fun and stay safe, don't go to DC at night! We're have the 70th anniversary party on Sat. July 3rd. here, Would love to help you fly home for the event. Deanna and kids are coming. It will be a family event, too hard to invite others.Gram and Gramps are looking forward to it and Gram is working hard on therapy so she will be in good shape to PARTY.

by Denise Bond

Excellent AD! Glad you're enjoying it~ I want to be there for the 70th and will keep you updated on my plans.

by Karen Cope

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