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From Santa Fe NM to Oklahoma City OK

March 30th & 31st 2010


Santa Fe was such a fun town with tons to see and do. below are a few more pictures taken on my last day dropping in on a few last Galleries and seeing some great scupture gardens~

Bufano_s_horse.jpg This is a Bufano piece.

The Santa Fe workshop was so much fun and it was great to be able to use the Ryder Studio and see the great work going on there. It was time to head over to Oklahoma City Ok, I was all packed and ready to head out of town and as I went to hitch up the trailer, I look down and the hitch has been stolen! UGH!

I have the small towing package on my explorer and those small locks are hard to come by that fit the smaller pin. So I picked up another hitch and a lock (that ended up not fitting either!) and hit the road an hour later than I expected leaving good friends Tim and Janelle waiting for me. We had a great brunch in Santa Rosa and really got caught up on years of happenings.

I had a long drive ahead of me and going 55mph with a trailer is slow so off I went. The drive was fun especially seeing so much wide open land, big sky and lots of factories




Here I am cruzing some dirt roads as I left Santa Fe and Just loved the line up of tons of Mailboxes~



I had to snap a quick picture of this funny sign I found along the way! It really made me laugh and look around to see if I saw any inmates escaping from the local prison! And obviously this has been an issue in the past or the signs wouldnt have been up!check_out_..e_NM_02.jpg

These huge "Road Coaches" would travel in packs of 10 to 15 in a row all huge and towing a car behind them as well. Looks like the Baby Boomers are out in force enjoying their retirements!

It was good weather and light traffic making for easy travels though It took me more than 8 hours to make it to Oklahoma City. Over the next couple of days I got familar with the city, headed over to City Arts Center at the fairgrounds to put up more workshop flyers and see the facility. The place is great with a huge gallery and fully equip cerramics department as well as painting and drawing studio rooms. I met tons of great students and artists and joined in on Glen Thomas's figure drawing Class. Glen is a local Sculptor and Artist who graciously invited me to join them where we did some fast and furious Gesture poses for 15-30 second quicksketches! It was a great exercise to losen up your hand and see gesture.

Then I headed over to the local Clay Supply Store called House of Clay who were having a portrait sculpting workshop in the main area of the store. Students were working from their imagination and following the Phillip Faraut method. It was great to see a sculptors working realistically and interested in the portrait! So I spent time there and posting around town to promote my workshop for that Tuesday and Wednesday.


After a few days I just didnt have enough sign ups to run the workshop so I headed to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

What an awesome entrance where a 3 story high, Dale Chihuly Glass piece greets you! Absolutely Amazing~

The detail of each blown glass piece and then the enormity of constructing and installing the piece was impressive by itself. Then you turn the corner and see an extensive display of his work that spaned more than 4 rooms!


Then you walk into this long narrow room where the glass ceiling is realitively low where his work is suspended above you creating a pluthera of color, shapes and light. A mesmerizing effect~


There was also this great visiting Exhibition of Jason Peters Anti Gravity work. Where you enter a dark room lit by these tubes that twist and turn and appear to go on forever and thru the floor and ceiling but its an illusion with mirrors. Its a really excellent illusion and pretty trippy to walk thru as you duck under and around these large tubes.awesome_sp..llusion.jpg

The Museums Collection was good but what really drew my attention was this excellent small relief bust of a puddler by Meunier.

and this life-size figure "man with child" by Eric Fischel.

As well as this excellent Marble Portrait

The was a nice O'Keeffe too As well as some modern work as well.

Then I headed to explore the city more and visted Bricktown their touristy area with all kinds of shops, pubs, resturants, and a stadium with a cool sculpture of Johnny Bench.

I was very surprised to see how little traffic this place has! I had no problem parking or getting around especially thanks to my trusty GPS!
downtown_o..ity_001.jpg Downtown OK City, Ok

So as I explored the town I found this huge First Presbyterian church that was built old school style with an almost byzantine catholic look. I went to a Sunday service to check it out. There were tons of stained glass windows and even a rose window(though the pictures below dont show it well, it was very impressive). I saw a ton of this during my time in Europe but didnt expect it here!First_Pres..ral_007.jpgFirst_Pres..ral_002.jpgFirst_Pres..ral_009.jpgFirst_Pres..ral_010.jpg

After that I had a fun breakfast at the Waffle House. It was so full of characters! the waitresses yelled oders at the cooks who then made fun of the waitresses as they repeated the orders back at the top of their lungs. this was an old school place where you sat at a long counter where you watched them cook your food as they performed! It was so funny everyone just watched them banter back and forth and the food was flying! Man they cooked fast and furious and had fun too.


Something I still dont understand are these weird squiggly lines in the middle of the roads and have no idea what their for but they are all over Oklahoma City.

And I have to mention the wind. It was crazy windy the entire time I was in town to the point where the wind set off my car alarm 3 times in one night and it definitely made driving with a trailer interesting! Overall I really enjoyed Oklahoma City, seeing the city and meeting all kinds of fun artists and people.


Thank YOU Oklahoma!


A public piece in downtown OK City.




Posted by Karen Cope 07:05

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Great to see you blogging again, how time comsuming for you , but nice for us. Great pics and fun narratives, I'm learning alot as you go.

by Denise Bond

I love your commentary. You make me laugh. Is your hitch O.K. now? Where in Texas are you going? I have to refer to my schedule. Chiluly always blows my mind, no pun intended. I'm so glad you are having fun. If I hear of anyone looking for space, I will let you know. Kisses-Felicia

by Felicia

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