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Boulder Co to Santa Fe NM

March 15th 2010 : Journal and Travels

I really loved Colorado. The landscape was beautiful. The weather changed on a dime so there was never a boring moment. The locals say if you don’t like the weather… wait 5 minutes. They did express how hot the summers get thou.

Here’s The Foot of the Mountain Motel I spoke of! Adorable little place that many mentioned most locals have stayed at just before they decided to move to Boulder.

Boulder Co to Santa Fe NM 002

Boulder Co to Santa Fe NM 002


Cute tub and table outside with the mountains as the background and the stream to hike along.





nothing like a full bath! Just need some bubbles~


enjoying my free continental breakfast and blogging in the morning~


And I have to mention how many funny ol’ men came up to me at gas stations and around town to say…”young lady, those are some pretty small tires on that trailer there. I hope you don’t plan on going far.” And of course I tell them my plans and they give me a long breath out, shake of the head and say “Have you had your bearings packed real good?”. So I gave in, took my whole rig to The Spring Works Shop and they took pity on my “Barbie Trailer”
barbietrailer.jpg(a name even the women called my trailer) Snow_in_Cedar_City_UT.jpg (I bet that barbie trailer is more secure than mine Ha!)
They packed, greased, cleaned, whatever they do they did it, and now hopefully old men all over the nation will be happy. ~Probably not but I tried~


Now this is not from colorado but I never got a clear picture of theirs- If you have one send it to me and I'll post it here~ untill then this gives you the idea!


So something I found amusing was their street names that were many times numbers…such as Avenue 17 ¼ , 17 ½ , 17 ¾ etc… . Yes this made me laugh and it definitely served a purpose I had to find out. I asked around…”So What’s the deal with these street numbers with halves and quarters etc..” Many told me they were mile markers from the state line which made some more sense until I got to the REAL answer from a funny guy at a gas station. He said, little lady, those mile markers tell everyone exactly how far away WE are from Utah!” I said Utah! Is it THAT important? And he gave me a very funny look and said YES! I cracked up and still can’t believe they’d break it down to a ¼ of a mile.

So here are just a few of the tons of public bronze sculptures I found along the main streets of Grand Junction Co...



Some things I saw along the drive To Santa Fe NM...

Check out this stadium~

Tons of factories...

A gorgeous ride with wide open land


My drive to Santa Fe was great. Good weather and a straight shot down I-25. A long slow ride with my trailer but I stopped in Colorado Springs to meet up with a good friend Jen MacKay who I hadn’t seen in years! We took a nice long lunch and caught up on all our lives.


another gas station surprise! whats..

Las Vegas New Mexico! really?




Arrived around 7pm in Santa Fe and my GPS took me on a crazy long windy road through this residential area that had “Speed Humps” every 20 ft. It made a tired Karen Grupmier! I made it to the Main street again and found my Motel 6 got settled in. By the way… my other Motel’s have been exemplary but this one has a funny smell, the TV is all snowy and the WiFi I’m paying for is not connecting period and I have no cell service in my room! UGH! So I’m on the edgy side right now.





March 17th 2010 Hello Santa Fe!


Today, I switched motels and am in a much better place with solid WiFi and phone connection and a great room! Thank goodness

You know you're in a New Town when the street lights are sideways!

Cool line up in front of the Railway~



shops shops shops and tons of jewlery and pottery on every turn~
Sculptures around town

UGH! Taxes are coming up soon!


Samon swimming up stream!


snow still found all over town in the shady areas even on such a sunny hot day as today~

The main cathedral in town~

And check out this lady all ready for St Paddy's Day today~
HA! Us Irish really represent~ EEK! turquoise and kelly green really dont go well together

But Either way Happy St. Patricks Day!



Posted by Karen Cope 08:55

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I haven't seen a bag of coffee beans yet! What are they behind the times.!?! Great pictures, hope your'e enjoying some time to yourself. Love. Aunt Denny

by Denise bond

Hello Karen,

Welcome to Santa Fe! Be sure to check out the Santa Fe Clay near the railyard as its the community hub for clay. Love their studio and the people.

Hopefully I'll be in touch soon if my supervisor would approve a guest artist for next week for a day or two. Thanks for the email send to New Mexico School for the Deaf and hopefully something can be worked out.

Enjoy your stay in Santa Fe with the snow and more snow to come on this nice sunny day.

by Judy Harney

It was great seeing you in Colorado! Aren't road trips the best?

by Jen MacKay

Love the pictures Karen..amazing all the different sculptures ,,a big variety..Don is glad you had the wheel bearings packed..Enjoy your travels Love Kathy and Don

by don kathy

Love the blog, Karen! It is so great to feel like I'm travelling right along with you! How exciting - you are living your "great adventure"! Stay safe and have an awesome time!

by Debbie Richter

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